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Forming your Limited Company online has never been easier. Simply enter the company name you would like to register below to see if it's available. Then add it to your order and move on to check if your associated domain name is also available for registration.

Company Name Search

Company Name Registration

Your chosen company name will be registered with companies house.

£30 or
if ordered with domain, email & hosting

Incorporation Certificate

Your incorporation certificate contains your important company details, such as registration number. Once you company is formed we will send you a copy by email and it will also be available in your online account to download at anytime.

Memorandum & Articles

You memorandum & articles of association is a statement confirming that each subscriber agrees to forming the company under the 2006 act. A copy will be available for you to download from your online account.

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If you are not sure about anything, have any questions or would just like to go through your options, please feel free to contact us, but using the form below or giving us a ring on 0845 548 5385.